About Us

About Us

Dreamarium Studio


Dreamarium Studio's is not a General Photographic Studio. The Studio's focus is on a very special market segment. Not general photography. It is managed in co-operative mode with the specialists of Photography, Photoshop and Administration and Marketing all taking part in creating photos which are world class in this small market segment. With combined experience of more than 10 years in the general Photography industry bringing an intuitive talent of understanding the market requirements of the day and of delivering what the market is needing at that moment in time.


As this market segment changes on a near monthly basis, a brilliant aspect of our studio is to be able to interpret those changes on the fly, on any day and provide a photoshoot solution which optimises the outcome based on the market segment and models variables.

Glamour Photography Studio in London


Photographer Brian is from Switzerland and has extensive experience for last 5 years in Glamour Photography. Has a degree B. Arts. He studied in one of the top Photography schools in Geneva and also learned the trade within the fashion and wedding industries over the last 7 years.

Founder James Brennan has Multiple Degrees in business from Lincoln University and Canterbury University. M Sc. B Eco. B Com & Mgmt.

A solid and broad base backed by more than 20 years in business with a number of outstanding achievements including but not limited to winning several global awards including in Product Design in Technology.